Simply swapping out your pedals allows more flexibility in riding, storing your bike, getting your bike into a car... even walking your bike. See how.

1. Why get pop-off pedals?

Four Steps to Installing Pop-off Pedals

Pop-off pedals attach with a latch and a lock. It's fast... and critical to understand. See how the latch and lock work together to keep pedals on.

2. How to use pop-off pedals.
Done looking. Now I'll buy them.

Once you know the goal and have the right wrench, installation is a snap. Here, we do it in 90 seconds.

3. How to install your pedals.
Installed! Now I need a THINstem.

Already have a set of pop-off pedals? Problems clicking in or out? Here's the easy answer.

4. Troubleshooting tips.